The Potsdamer Schlössernacht 2024 promises a spectacular feast for the senses under the motto “Curtain up!” This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of this outstanding event, where the park becomes a unique varied stage for a carefully selected variety of highlights from the current cultural festival scene.

Music lovers can expect a colorful spectrum of sounds ranging from classical music to modern pop music. Hand-picked artists and bands will perform on the stages in the park and provide unforgettable musical experiences.

Acrobats and artists will thrill visitors with spectacular gravity-defying performances that will live long in the memory. Artistic illuminations of the palaces and the park will create a magical atmosphere.

The 25th anniversary of Potsdamer Schlössernacht promises an unforgettable feast for the senses, transporting visitors into a world of laughter, dreams and amazement. Potsdam and its majestic palaces are worth a visit in themselves, but in combination with a visit to the Potsdam Palace Night, the stay becomes a truly unique experience.

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Surprising and unprecedented – fireworks with a difference: Twice an evening, at lofty heights above the rooftops of Sanssouci Palace, there will be a professional light show with up to 100 flying, controllable LED lights dancing a production reminiscent of lots of little fireflies.


A freestanding, air-filled arch 12 m high that changes color with its own light show and frames a hypnotic aerial dancer. Designed to the classic proportions of a “quinto accuto” pointed arch, this magnificent structure combines sculptural installation and dynamic circus. Arco is presented by The Dream Engine, a touring performance troupe from the UK. The Dream Engine has been creating unique and unusual performance installations that enchant and amaze audiences around the globe for over 25 years. In August, they will be part of the Potsdamer Schlössernacht and are sure to wow you.

Photo © The Dream Engine



The candle light concert is a romantic experience. In the glow of countless candles, you can listen to Hans Zimmer’s haunting music, which is perfectly accentuated by the unique acoustics of the western Plant Hall and is also transmitted to the orangery palace’s terrace.

Photo © Fever



Forget everyday life for a few minutes, fasten your seatbelts and get your suitcases ready – The Airlettes are a swing trio in a class of their own and will take you on a journey where you will not only experience musical flights of fancy “above the clouds”. Off you go with a suitcase full of close harmony, swing, jazz and rockabilly. Close your eyes and now, please fasten your seatbelt and have fun on your musical journey.

Photo © Sergey Sanin



While Maurice Ravel meets Duke Ellington, Johann Sebastian Bach plays with Metallica, Erik Satie hangs out with Milt Jackson in a jazz club.
Oli Bott consistently plays his own music, which feels its way into completely different musical languages, epochs and cultures, while he carves out impressive moods on the metal discs like a sculptor.
Oli Bott – vibraphone – “A man possessed with four mallets who drums on the discs so fast that you can hardly see him, causing his audience to erupt with enthusiasm.” Der Tagesspiegel

Photo © David Beecroft



Rethinking the time-honoured genre of classical guitar music. Bringing classical music together with a modern mindset and making music that is genuinely accessible and moving: The aim of TMBM. Willi Leinen and Stefan Degel are both classically trained to the highest level and – what’s special – are also equipped with a flair and experience for songwriting and all types of modern music. With TMBM, they manage precisely this balancing act: to loosen up the extraordinary quality of the instrument with joy of playing and lightness and at the same time to create deep and accessible worlds of sound. Music that never loses its connection to the classical tradition and yet is open to contemporary pop and a new aesthetic.

Photo © Elfi Schmidt



Charisma and charm, verve and virtuosity. The New Classic Duo captivates with its exuberant joy of playing and shimmering interpretations. In the world of classical music, Julia Smirnova on the violin and Konstantin Manaev on the cello have made an outstanding name for themselves beyond the borders of Germany and Europe. The winners of international competitions are looking forward to delighting the guests of the Potsdam Castle Night with their romantically mischievous sounds.

Photo © Zuzanna



Childhood dreams come true – and in a very special way. Anyone can go to a fairground – at the Potsdamer Schlössernacht, the Ferris wheel and carousel get legs and run through the park with the visitors. They run after the guests and charmingly offer to join in and marvel.

Photo © Oakleaf



This installation works best in pairs.
Stand on one side of the mirror with a second person and look at each other.
Your faces should be at roughly the same height.
Now vary the position slightly to “swap” nose, eyes, mouth or body.
Who is actually who now?

Photo © Illuseum Berlin


Potsdam pianist Albrecht Gieseler says of his new stage program – songs that life writes: “Love, humour, irony, melancholy and drama are important ingredients for an eventful life. Whether you make it salty or sweet depends entirely on you. Be free, courageous and independent, because too many cooks spoil the broth. Live with heart, mind and goodness, and many will feast at your table. Don’t just play music, but live it. Only then will they acquire a taste for it.” The musician presents his own pieces, well-known songs by German singer-songwriters and world hits. Let yourself be enchanted.

Photo © Albrecht Gieseler


Acrobatics with bounce – thrills and humor come together in Aramelo’s show. The duo has found a refreshing way to combine trampoline tricks with hand-to-hand acrobatics and spread a lot of good humor in the process. Seemingly weightless, the two acrobats fly through the air and use the trampoline in their very own way to create a delightful duet with uplifting music and lots of spectacular stunts. The two acrobats are happy to share their passion with you and will amaze and amuse you with their humorous stories.

Photo © Dominique Schreckling


With his glowing and steaming vehicle Smoky 41, Güstaf seems to come from a mysteriously strange and yet familiar world. Visitors to the event will dream and marvel as Güstaf and Smoky unleash their magical play of light. Inspired by the encounter with the audience, Güstaf playfully creates surprising moments outside of space and time – sometimes funny, sometimes touching and sometimes simply beautiful. To linger and be amazed!

Photo © L. Hollmann/Tine Acke


Max is an experienced and charming entertainer. With his academic training as a draughtsman and his love of caricature, he makes guests laugh like a clown and enchants them like a magician. Pyrography is the art of fire painting. But Max wouldn’t be Max if he didn’t make something very special out of this method: he draws with sparklers. The results are impressive and literally stay in your memory. Experience an unprecedented spectacle with Max during the Potsdamer Schlössernacht.

Photo © Max Kann


The Busch Company presents anarchic comedy, magical oddities and live music in a fast-paced, comic show, accompanied by great swing music and Latin classics. The company consists of Bernd Busch (comedian, clown, comedian), Alexander Merk (magician) and Tommy Feiler (guitar). Comedy, modern musical clowning, magical wonders and oddities and great live music, jazzy groove, in a unique cocktail. More is not possible!

Photo © Tom Kohler



LED show
This LED show presents sophisticated multi-hooping tricks with lots of musicality, creating poetic images. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world of planets and butterflies and be enchanted by an imaginative mixture of virtuoso skill and playful extravagance. The finale with five glowing hula hoops sets the wow climax.

Street show “Cheerful to cloudy”
Dress warmly. In this show, the hula hoops are almost as crazy as the weather. Kristin Lahoop takes you on a journey through all the seasons. With an umbrella, pink hula hoops, humor and a lot of imagination, she fights her way through all weather conditions and encounters the pitfalls of everyday life. With a twinkle in her eye, she shows that it is human to make mistakes and that the weather is to blame for everything anyway. Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, this show will warm your heart.

Hands-on station
Here you will be shown and taught how to swing the hula-hoop easily on your hips and which first tricks not only look good, but also feel good! Why not give it a try!

Photo © Cindy Abrecht



Two “show-offs” who pretend to be supernatural: A charming impresario presents a handful of attractions, combined with the person of the uncannily gifted and multi-talented Ms. Thompson. She inflates her head like a balloon, reads minds, transmits touch, brings the strongest men to their knees and conjures up poltergeists. These are false miracles performed by real swindlers in a cabinet of curiosities full of bizarre illusions. In their multi-award-winning SchaubudenZauberRevue, Sia and Thomas Thompson (England/Germany) perform tricks that are rarely, if ever, seen on German stages. These are intelligent routines with a quiet sense of humor that leave the audience wondering whether it is all real or ‘just’ a stylishly staged hoax by two exceptionally original magicians.

Photo © Michael Proeck



Pictures say more than 1000 words: the guests simply have a lot of fun! Bastian’s photo walk act is so refreshingly relaxed that it’s no wonder every guest is happy to stand in front of the nostalgic record camera.

Photo © Michael Clemens



The musician from Leipzig sings everything possible and impossible about herself, others and the world. With voice, cello, guitar, loop station and a pinch of wit, she not only performs folk songs from northern to Eastern Europe, but also sets poems, her own compositions, covers and improvisations on the cello. Dance, dream, enjoy!

Photo © Rebecca Luise Schöler



Born in Georgia, USA, Ingrid Arthur is one of the most powerful voices of soul and gospel in the world. In the course of her career, she has worked with many international stars. At home on stages in New York, Paris, London and Berlin, she now lives in the German capital and inspires audiences as a solo artist with her captivating performances. Full of passion with values important to her, such as inclusion, respect and appreciation, she has won over many donors in her gospel workshops and charity concerts; both with her motto “Music is stronger than words, it’s the only thing people listen to”. Ingrid Arthur became internationally known and popular as the former singer of one of the hottest European duos, the “Weather Girls”, with their worldwide hit “It’s raining Men”. No dancing legs will be left on the floor here.

Photo © David Farcas



Günther Stolarz sings unforgettable melodies with his great operatic voice. Isabel Schumann accompanies him on the accordion and piano. The concert tour leads from Italian, Spanish, French and German songs to opera and operetta. A classical concert is presented in a relaxed, entertaining and rousing manner. Lively contact with the audience alternates with a goosebump experience. The duo has also won many hearts with its “KiezKonzerte” concerts in Berlin’s squares, and they are sure to do the same with yours.

Photo © Katja Koroleva



LASCA FOX is an entertainer from Berlin who offers sustainable music entertainment on his LASCA FOX MOBIL. What is that? The LASCA FOX MOBIL is a mobile stage consisting of an electric cargo bike and a special trailer that transports speakers, lights, instruments and a few surprises. Everything is powered by a battery that is charged by solar panels. Of course, LASCA FOX also travels to its concerts by bike and has already covered over 8,000 kilometers since 2022. Completely emission-free! …and unique…

Photo © Wirtschaftsförderung Dahme-Spreewald – Oli Hein, Zeuthen



First aid for weirdos & sympathizers – Laura Dilettante is a “One Woman Traveling Music Show” that has evolved over years of traveling and performing in Europe, North and South America. “Crazy and subtle. Laura Dilettante is a dazzling musician. Her songs are cheeky but always charming, silly but never trivial. She dedicates her songs to the weirdos as consolation and counts herself among them. Her program is an infectious plea for feeling yourself, loving yourself, thinking about yourself and laughing at yourself.” Laura Dilettante sings and plays songs she has written herself, old jazz pieces, cabaret, songs from the twenties and unusual cover versions. On the accordion, the piano and the ukulele; to comfort the crazy, the hopeful and the hopeless romantics.

Photo © Ola Chmiel



The portrayal of historical figures and fictional characters is intended to arouse curiosity about past eras in a place that is more suitable than any other. Inspired by the hustle and bustle of the Prussian court, the Courtly Society creates spontaneous scenes to the delight of its audience. Always according to the motto: “Not quite authentic, but imaginative and fabulous.” A crowd-puller – see for yourself.

Photo © Hagen Hoppe



This year, short plays with exciting show fights expand the program of the theater fencers at the Potsdamer Schlössernacht. The program is flexible, ranging from courtly themes to pirate scenes. Love, fame and honor are the focus – just like in real life. The short plays each last about 5 to 7 minutes and contain a self-contained plot. Sven Richter is a trained theater fencing instructor and invites you, the audience, to join in and try it out. In the theater fencing workshop, participants learn the basics of theater fencing (footwork and handling the weapon). You will then practise a small (predetermined) fight with a total of 12 actions, including acting techniques to underline the drama.

Photo © Julian Frees



In recent years, the talking trees have become the favorites of the public and Sanssouci’s gardeners. The guests stand mesmerized in front of the metre-high, old giants and listen to their unique stories. Max Moor and Anna Thalbach lend them their voices.

Photo © Michael Clemens

Subject to change without notice.
Further program items and the final program schedule with performance times and locations will follow.