Guided Tours

On both evenings of the Potsdamer Schlössernacht, you can look forward to a total of five different themed tours at various locations on the grounds of Sanssouci Palace Park. Each tour takes place four times per evening. The tours are free of charge and can be attended without registration. You will find plants from long forgotten times and from distant regions on your way through the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden and in the park nursery.

I. From A like artichoke to Z like zucchini

Roman Baths


The cook of Sanssouci, Charlotte Retzloff, knows about royal delights, glittering feasts and all kinds of culinary secrets at court. Discover kings, gods and garden fruits with her.

II. From the Beautiful and the Useful

Putti wall below the picture gallery


Fruit trees in the garden, children playing and an enchanted grotto? And all this in Sanssouci? Let yourself be seduced on a tour into the world of 18th century garden art, you will discover many new things!

III. Do you dream of Mediterranean, fragrant gardens?

Sicilian garden


Prussian King Frederick William IV’s love of nature led him to create a garden inspired by Mediterranean Renaissance gardens. Learn more about the history and the potted plants on this tour.

IV. Italy – Love of a King

Orangery Palace


The Orangery Palace was built according to the exact ideas of Frederick William IV, who was able to see the models for the building in Italy himself. Do you also know the originals?

V. Without worries

Sanssouci Palace


Prussian King Frederick II had his summer palace Sanssouci built on a hill. From here you have a breathtaking view of the park. During the tour you will learn more about the ruined hill, the palace, the vineyard terraces and the king’s crypt.

Information in the New Chambers

New Chambers

Information in the picture gallery

Picture gallery


Chinese House

The currently closed Chinese House will open its doors to visitors during the Potsdamer Schlössernacht. Last admission: 23:00, closing time is 23:00.


Botanical Garden of the University of Potsdam


The Botanical Garden of the University of Potsdam will open the Botanical Garden’s show greenhouses on the days of the event from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (last admission) as part of the Potsdam Palace Night. The Botanical Garden is located on the event grounds at the western end of Maulbeerallee.

In the show greenhouses you can experience the diversity of the plant world of the tropics and subtropics. The listed palm house offers an impression of the actual size of tropical rainforests, even if the roof is nowhere near the height of tropical tree giants of over 60 meters. In the epiphyte house behind the ticket office, you can see the many ways in which plants master their lives in the crowns of tropical trees without contact with the ground. Tropical crops such as coffee and cacao trees, sugar cane and cotton, cassava and guava can be seen in the next house, followed by the collections of gesneriads, begonias, sansevierias and carnivorous plants in the House of Tropical Diversity. In the Cactus House, learn about the diversity of plant adaptations to hot and dry habitats.

Tropical aquatic and wetland plants are on display in the Aquarium Hall and Victoria House. Especially spectacular: the flowering of the giant water lily Victoria cruziana. You can get from one house to the other through the greenhouse connector, where you can experience the exhibition “70 Years of the Botanical Garden“, which refers to the history and prehistory with photos and texts and historical exhibits. In the orchid house, the diversity of the flowers of this large plant family awaits you; in the fern house, the amazing variety of fronds of these flowerless plants impresses.

The University of Potsdam makes use of its domiciliary rights and requires the wearing of an FFP2 or medical mask inside the greenhouses to prevent infections. Please protect yourself and other visitors and be considerate of this measure.

The Park Nursery


From spring to fall, countless guests enjoy the flowers in the parks of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation. During the Palace Night, the breeding ground of these flowers, the mother plant quarters of the park nursery, will be opened. Take the opportunity to learn more about the living tradition of garden art and visit the Sanssouci park nursery during the Palace Night. The gardeners of the park nursery spend a lot of effort and diligence in growing the flowers, planting the beds and taking care of them. Unlike in many commercial nurseries, the cultivation of plants here is still a traditional craft that needs to be mastered. No machines are used for pricking out and repotting the plants, but it is still done by hand.

Enjoy the variety of flowers, foliage plants and herbs on Castle Night and get informed – maybe the professionals will tell you a few secrets of garden art that were previously unknown to you…