What is the best way to get to the Potsdamer Schlössernacht?

We recommend that all visitors travel by public transport. There are no parking spaces available around Park Sanssouci. In addition, road closures and high visitor traffic on the streets adjacent to Park Sanssouci are to be expected.

Regional train – Arrival from Berlin:
From the long-distance train station Berlin-Friedrichstraße you can comfortably take the RB21 or the RE1 directly to the train station “Potsdam, Charlottenhof Bhf” in about 30 min. From there it is only a few minutes walk to the south entrance No. 5 at Schloss Charlottenhof.

Departure (direct connections) from station “Potsdam, Charlottenhof Bhf”:
22:20 RE1, 23:20 RE1, 00:43 RE1, 02:02 RE1.
Regional trains also stop at Berlin stations Charlottenburg, Hauptbahnhof, Ostbahnhof.

S-Bahn – Arrival from Berlin:
Alternatively, you can take the S7 as well as the S1 to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof and change to tram 91, 92 or 94.

Online travel planning:
You can view the current arrival and departure options by public transport at, and Please note the special schedules of the trams in Potsdam: Tram 91, Tram 92, Tram 96, Tram 98 und Tram 99

Entrance 1 “Historische Mühle”: Stop “Potsdam, Schloss Sanssouci”.
Entrance 2 “Obeliskportal”: Stop “Potsdam, Friedenskirche” (Church of Peace)
Entrance 3 “Grünes Gitter”: Stop “Luisenplatz-Süd/Park Sanssouci
Entrance 4 “Lennéstraße”: Stop “Feuerbachstraße” or “Auf dem Kiewitt
Entrance 5 “Charlottenhof Palace”: Stop “Charlottenhof Bhf.
Entrance 6 “Maulbeerallee” Bus stop “Abzweig nach Eiche

From the stops Drachenhaus, Orangerie no regular service to S Hauptbahnhof! Maulbeerallee is closed due to the event.

Where can I park?

We recommend that all visitors travel by public transport. There are no parking spaces available around Park Sanssouci. In addition, road closures and high visitor traffic on the streets adjacent to Park Sanssouci are to be expected.

During the event, the “Historische Mühle” visitor parking lot at Park Sanssouci is reserved exclusively for pre-registered coaches, holders of a special blue parking permit, and bicyclists.
Please use the signposted Park+Ride (P+R) lots of the city of Potsdam.
For more information, please visit

We recommend:
P+R parking lot “Zum Bahnhof Pirschheide” – direct connection to Park Sanssouci via tram 91 (to stop “Schloss Charlottenhof” or “Luisenplatz-Süd / Park Sanssouci”).
P+R parking lot “BUGA (Volkspark)” – connection via tram 96 with change at stop “Potsdam, Platz der Einheit/West” to tram 91 or 94 (stop “Schloss Charlottenhof” or “Luisenplatz-Süd / Park Sanssouci”).

Where can I buy tickets?

To enter the Potsdamer Schlössernacht, you will need a personalized ticket valid for that evening, which you can purchase in advance at the theater box offices, at, or by calling: 01806 777 111 (0.20 EUR/connection from a German landline | max. 0.60 EUR/connection from a German mobile network).

At the entrances “Historische Mühle”, “Grünes Gitter” and “Schloss Charlottenhof” you will also find ticket offices on the day/evening of the event where tickets can be purchased subject to availability. Please inform yourself in advance if there will be tickets available on site or if the event is sold out.

Why are the tickets personalized?

To ensure that you and we are well prepared for possible requirements by the authorities and for the possible tracing of infection chains, we offer personalized tickets for the Potsdamer Schlössernacht and ask you to provide your name and contact information for this purpose when you purchase your tickets. We use a computerized, personalized ticketing system. In doing so, we observe the data protection regulations according to the DSGVO. The personalized ticket in connection with your photo ID, entitles you to visit the Potsdamer Schlössernacht.

If necessary, a new personalization will be done online in advance via your ticket provider, a new personalization on site at the box office is also possible. To do so, please download this form and print it out.

Can I get in with my ticket for the Potsdamer Schlössernacht from 2020?

Admission tickets from 2020 retain their validity for the day purchased, but must be subsequently personalized. To do so, please fill out this form and bring it printed to the entrance.

Does my child also need a ticket?

Children up to the age of 13 are admitted free of charge to the Schlössernacht, but require a personalized ticket. You can book this directly at the same time.

If you have purchased your ticket in 2020, please contact and ask for a child’s ticket to be sent to you. Please provide the following data of the child: Last name, first name, full address, phone number (legal guardian). Please also let us know your desired event date.

I am disabled. Does my companion need a ticket?

Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons with a “B” in their severely disabled ID card have free admission to the Schlössernacht, but also require a personalized ticket. If you have already purchased a corresponding ticket and still need an accompanying ticket, please contact, stating your ticket provider and ticket number.

Please bring your severely disabled ID card with you to the event and show it at the entrance.

What do I have to show at the entrance?

1) Proof of complete vaccination or
Evidence of a negative antigen test not older than 24 hours or
Evidence of a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours; or
Evidence of recovery from SARS-CoV-2 (either 1. Evidence of a positive PCR test older than 6 months, plus vaccination against Covid-19 with EU-approved vaccine at least 14 days ago, or 2.) Evidence of a positive PCR test at least 28 days and no more than 6 months ago); and

2) the active Corona warning app and

3) your personalized admission ticket or
Your admission ticket for 8/14/15/20 with completed AFTER REGISTRATION FORM, and

4) your valid identity card

Can I take a quick test at the entrance to the Schlössernacht?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility at the entrance itself to carry out a rapid test you have brought with you under supervision.

If you need an antigen test (so-called Corona rapid test or citizen test) that is not older than 24 hours, it is best to go to a testing center near your home and have the test performed there and a certificate issued.

Do you live or stay overnight in Berlin? Overview of test centers in Berlin

This page provides information about test centers in Potsdam. Test centers in the federal state of Brandenburg can be found here.

The nearest test center is located at Luisenplatz (with prior appointment booking).


Do I have to wear a mask during the whole time?

No, you do not have to wear a mask all the time.

However, wherever many people congregate and the minimum distance of 1.50 meters from people from other households cannot be maintained, masks are mandatory (medical mask or FFP2 mask):

  • At the entrances, during ticket control and bag inspection.
  • At the program points
  • When using the toilets

I have a mask exemption. Do I have to show it repeatedly?

If you have a doctor’s certificate exempting you from wearing mouth-nose protection, you must carry this with you on the day of the event and always show it when requested by security personnel.

Please keep the minimum distance of 1.50 meters to people of other households at all times!

Do I need to have the Corona Warning app installed?

As this year’s Potsdamer Schlössernacht is a model project for which separate conditions have been imposed by the authorities, the use of the Corona warning app is required to gain access to the event (see conditions of participation). Only those who have been fully vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been tested will be admitted to the event. However, the risk of contracting the virus cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty.

During the event, 10,000 visitors will be in an event area of 47 hectares for 7 hours. In case of infection, the health department would have to inform and quarantine 10,000 people without knowing if they had contact with the infected person. To avoid this, use of the Corona Warning app is essential for your own safety and the protection of all other visitors*. At least one person per household should have the Corona Warning app installed and activated, provided that the people of a household move together through the event area and thus contact tracking would be secured.

This trailer explains what data is exchanged via the Corona-Warn app.

I have installed the Luca app. Is that enough?

Unfortunately, not. The two apps are not compatible with each other. You need to install the Corona Warning app .

I would like to leave the event area in between, but come back later. Is that possible?

Return after leaving the park is possible with a valid ticket. Please get a stamp print when leaving the park. When re-entering the event area, the stamp print and the ticket must be shown.

What am I NOT allowed to take with me?

Please leave the following items at home, they are NOT allowed:

  • Backpacks and bags larger than A3
  • Bulky and/or dangerous items
  • Picnic baskets
  • Glass bottles (of any size)
  • PET bottles or tetra packs larger than 1.5 liters
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laser pointers
  • Drones, multi/quadrocopters
  • Animals of any kind, except for designated guide and assistance dogs
  • Rollerblades, Inline skates, Skateboards etc.

The organizers make every effort to ensure the greatest possible security. Therefore, please understand bag checks at the entrances.
The instructions of the security personnel must be followed at all times.
After dark, use only illuminated paths and secured event areas. Leaving these areas is at your own risk and the liability of the organizers is therefore excluded.
Please also note that fountains do not contain drinking water, but are supplied by the famous “Mosque” from the Neustadt Havel Bay.
All conditions around the event can be found in detail in our General Terms and Conditions.

Can I take photos and record videos?

You may take photographs in the park for private purposes during the Palace Night.

Photography, film and television recordings for commercial purposes require the prior written permission of Kultur im Park GmbH and the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation. Please send requests by e-mail to:

Is there food and drink available on site?

There is a rich gastronomic offer in the park. Only non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles or tetra-paks up to 1.5 liters are allowed. Please do not bring picnic baskets to the Potsdamer Schlössernacht on the grounds.

The park is large. What is the best way for me to find my way around?

Find your way around the park using the overview maps, which are available on our programme page and at the entrances as A3 plans to take home.

In addition, you will meet hostesses on the event grounds who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

The park is extensive. We recommend comfortable shoes.

Can I visit the castles? Are there souvenirs to buy?

Due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, a tour of the palaces’ interiors is unfortunately not possible this year.

Royal souvenirs can be found in the two museum stores at the back of Sanssouci Palace.

Where are the restrooms?

Free WCs are available at various entrances and places on the grounds, as well as a sufficient number of WCs suitable for disabled persons.

What do I do when it rains?

Please inform yourself in advance about the weather on the day of the event. In case of uncertain weather or precipitation, umbrellas or jackets as well as rubber boots have proven useful, as rain protection and shelter cannot be provided for all visitors.