Admission and Ticket Information

    To access Potsdamer Schlössernacht you need an admission ticket with validity for this evening which you can purchase in advance at the box offices, under or on phone number 01806 777 111 (EUR 0.20 / call from a German landline | no more than EUR 0.60 / call from the German mobile phone network).

    At the entrances 1, 3 and 5 (here on the map)you will find on the day / evening of the event box offices at which you can buy admission tickets depending on availability. Please inform yourself in advance whether there are still tickets left or whether the event is sold out.

    Children until the end of their 13th year of age and accompanying persons of severely disabled in whose disabled passport a “B” is entered, have free access at Schlössernacht – corresponding proof must be shown, however, at the admission to park Sanssouci in an appropriate manner.

    A return after having left the park is possible with a valid ticket. Please have it stamped when leaving the park. When re-entering the event grounds the stamp imprint and the admission ticket must be shown.

    Please note that bulky, dangerous objects, backpacks and bags which are larger than DIN A3 may not be taken along to the event grounds.

    Please note other important information under “Security”.

    Culinary Offering

    In the park there is a diverse culinary offering based on the motto of Italy.

    You are only allowed to have non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles or Tetrapaks of up to 1.5 litres with you.

    Please do not take any picnic baskets to the Potsdamer Schlössernacht grounds.


    Please follow the Sanssouci Park guiding system and orient yourself in the park by referring to the general plans that you will find at all large crossroads. In addition, you receive a programme at the entrance for your orientation; on the event grounds hostesses are available, if you have any questions.

    The park is spacious. We recommend comfortable shoes.

    Park Regulations

    Sanssouci Park is a monument of building and landscaping arts and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Please comply with the park regulations and help to protect and preserve the park, the buildings and works of art.

    In some respects, the standard terms and conditions referring to the event replace the park regulations during the event days. It is, for instance, not permitted to take along animals on the event days to the park grounds – this does not apply to certified guide dogs.

    Biking, skating, playing ball, riding, fishing, bathing, camping and open fires are not allowed with a view to protecting and preserving the site.

    Please stay on the trails and do not walk on the lawns; do not damage any plants and do not take any plants with you.

    Please note the other important information under “Security”.

    Photos and Video Recordings

    During Schlössernacht you may take photos in the park for private purposes. The general permission to take photos does not, however, apply inside the palaces and buildings. Photography is not allowed inside.

    Photo, film and television recordings for commercial purposes require a prior written authorisation by Kultur im Park GmbH and Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten (Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens). Please send any enquiries by email to


    The organisers endeavour to ensure the highest possible security. We ask for your understanding that bag searches will be carried out at the entrances. You must strictly follow the instructions of the security staff.

    Use only illuminated trails and secured event areas at nightfall. If you leave these areas, you do so at your own risk, and the liability of the organiser is hence excluded.

    Please note that the wells and fountains in the park do not contain drinking water but are supplied through the famous “Mosque” from the Neustädt Havel Bay.

    Please do not take along the following objects:

    • Backpacks and bags larger than DIN A3
    • Bulky and / or dangerous items
    • Picnic bags
    • Glass bottles (of any size)
    • PET bottles or Tetrapaks larger than 1.5 litres
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Laser pointers
    • Drones, multi / quadrocopters
    • Dogs and animals, except certified guide dogs

    You can find all provisions around the event in detail in our standard terms and conditions (PDF).

    Travelling there and back

    We recommend to all visitors to come by public transportation. There are no parking places in and around Sanssouci Park. Furthermore, roadblocks and a high number of visitors are to be expected in the roads close to Sanssouci Park.

    From the long-distance train station Berlin-Friedrichstraße you easily ride by RB21 or RE1 in 30 minutes directly to the Potsdam Charlottenhof train station (the trains also stop at the S-train stations Ostbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof, Charlottenburg). From there you reach through Gesundheitsgasse and Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse the south entrance No. 5 at Charlottenhof Palace in a few minutes walking.

    Alternatively, you can take the S7 as well as the S1 train to Potsdam main station, transfer to the trams 91, 94 or 98 and travel to Luisenplatz or Charlottenhof Palace.

    Together with VIP and BVG we are co-ordinating a traffic concept and a higher frequency of trains and buses so that you can travel in the best possible way by public transportation. For details please check, and


    On the grounds a sufficient number of free of charge WCs and disabled-accessible WC facilities are available at various entrances and squares.

    Visit to the palaces and souvenirs

    The tickets for Potsdamer Schlössernacht are also valid to visit the palaces and historical buildings which will be open for visits on these evenings.

    In the event of a high visitor volume there may be a brief admission stop with short waiting times.

    We ask for your understanding that, in the event of rain, the palaces may have to be closed at short notice for reasons of conservation to prevent any damage by the high air humidity to the valuable interiors and antiques.

    Royal souvenirs are available in the two museum shops of Sanssouci Palace.

    Weather recommendations

    If the weather is uncertain or if there is any rain, umbrellas or raincoats as well as rubber boots have proven to be quite useful since rain protection and rain shelter cannot be made available for all the visitors.

    We ask for your understanding that, in the event of rain, the palaces may have to be closed at short notice for reasons of conservation to prevent any damage by the high air humidity to the valuable interiors and antiques.